Pearify your code.

Enhance your code-hosting experience with the fruity git platform, GitPear.

Open Source

Mobile Friendly


Minimal & Modern UI

GitPear Organizations

Just like GitHub, you can create your own Git Organizations on GitPear. The difference is, we respect and value your privacy, we use open source software, and we make it way easier for you to host and maintain your code, being faster and simpler, using Gitea.

Pull Requests Dashboard

See and manage all pull requests assigned to you, created by you, mentioning you, or any pull requests in your repositories or pending review on GitPear, all in one simple & easy to navigate UI.

Frequently asked questions

  • My eyes burn, is there a dark theme?
    You can switch your GitPear UI to dark-theme in the Account part of your settings, located at /user/settings/account.
  • Can I use GitPear for both personal and commercial projects?
    Yes, GitPear is free for both personal and commercial purposes.
  • I'm currently on GitHub, can I migrate for free?
    Yes, you can migrate all of your repositories to GitPear using the Migration Tool whether you are using plain Git, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Gitea, Gogs, etc.
  • What limits come with my account? Can I upgrade?
    There are no specific limits imposed on your GitPear account. There are no limits on the amount of data you can store, or the amount of repositories/organizations you can create.
  • Can I contribute to GitPear?
    GitPear runs solely on donations. If you would like to see GitPear remain online & publicly available for the foreseeable future, please consider donating :)

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